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New scam uses familiar phone numbers to get you on the hook

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Your caller ID usually lets you know who's on the other end of the phone, but WDRB News has learned that familiar number you see could also be a scammer.

It is part of a new phone scam called "spoofing." Scammers get you to answer the phone by displaying a familiar number.

In fact, in some cases the phone number you see might be your own."People are complaining that they see on caller ID that they're calling themselves," said Reanna Smith-Hamblin, a vice president from the Better Business Bureau.

That's how they get your attention. "So they're like, 'Wow, this is weird,' so they end up picking up the phone because they're curious as to who it is that is really calling," Smith-Hamblin said. "And then what they'll do is they'll phish for your personal information. I have heard from people in this area and surrounding areas that they've been targeted with this."

Scammers target you buy impersonating those familiar phone numbers, "making it look like yourself, possibly a neighbor, local authorities and sometimes local businesses," Smith-Hamblin said.

Once they get you on the line, according to Smith-Hamblin. "they trick you into making you think it's the company and then you give that personal information."

But the Better Business Bureau says that's a red flag. "Of course what we tell people is, you know, if it's your bank calling...they're not going to ask for personal information, they have it already," she said.

Smith-Hamblin hasn't heard of anyone losing money, but that's not the only problem. "Some people may not fall for it . . . but it is downright annoying."

Here's some more advice from the BBB:

- Don't always trust your caller ID.

- Hang up and don't press any buttons if you receive a voicemail.

- Never call the scammers back.

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