LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - The harsh winter put three big high school projects in Bullitt County several weeks behind schedule.

As snow hit and construction slowly progressed, many asked how long it would take to complete the transformation.

"I kept asking is this building going to be finished on time, and everybody keeps saying yes, yes, yes," said Kathy Abell, who teaches English at North Bullitt High School.

Bullitt County schools is investing nearly $30 million  in expansions and renovations at each of its three high schools.The additions include new careers centers, computer labs and trade training.

"I have seen it from the ground up and it's amazing how far that building has come," Abell said.

But site Superintendent Glenn Benham tells us snow put the project 6 weeks behind.

"We're probably 85 percent, so we're getting there," he said.

North Bullitt and Bullitt East are expected to open at the start of the new school year.

While each campus looks the same, they will host different programs with a technology backdrop in subjects like agriculture science, nursing, and media.

Enrollment is growing in Bullitt County. School leaders opted to expand each high school rather than build a new. 

Abell tell us that, at times, some teachers don't even have a room to call their own. 

"That has been a big issue in the past," she said. We have not had enough computer labs, so hopefully now with the new addition we'll have a new computer lab for the regular classes to use."

Abell says Aug. 6 marks more than a new school year in a new place. They're building new opportunities for children to succeed. 

"Anything you can offer above and beyond the normal programs, I think, is a benefit to them."

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