LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Residents in a south Louisville neighborhood say the road they live on isn't that safe, and a deadly accident last week is just another reason something needs to change.

Steve Heil has lived on Old 3rd Street Road for more than 26 years.

In that time, he’s gone through 15 mailboxes and is always ready to replace the next one.

"I keep one in the basement with the extra numbers on it," Heil said. "Mirrors hitting it, and stuff like that, I guess people look down and they'll look down and they'll text and they'll look up and bam, there goes my mailbox."

The drop-offs and ditches are very steep. The telephone pole in his front yard has been replaced eight times.

"Dude, I'll tell you what,” Heil said, “cutting grass is like taking your life in your own hands being on that road."

In fact
two women were killed on Thursday
when their car went off the pavement. Police do not believe the driver was speeding.

"It makes me not want to drive this road anymore, man, because this is the fifth time this has happened in two years," said Justin Gasper, who was first on the scene of the accident.

"They need to do something about it,"Gasper said. "I'm actually going to the council and talk to them about putting up some barricades around here because these driveways are terrible. Some of them are 10-15 feet deep."

Heil hopes the city gets involved too. But he's taking precautions himself, like installing a turnaround.

"You can't back out on that road," Heil said. "If you back out, God help you."

Heil says it’s worse at night. The speed limit is 45 MPH. There are no lights, very few guardrails and ditches that literally drop off at the white line. Add in the rain or deer, and it's even more dangerous.

"Whenever you pull to the edge of the driveway," Heil said, "you gotta watch, because like I said, they're right on top of you. You ain't got nowhere to go."

Steve says he's already talked with his city councilor about the problem, and has even reached out to a congressman.

He hopes it doesn't take another deadly accident before something is changed.

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