LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The top leisure activity for older Americans is travel.

It's estimated that baby boomers, those Americans born between 1946 and 1964, spend $157 billion a year on leisure travel.

"That's a demographic that's really not being talked to or catered to which is why we exist," says Louisville entrepreneur Liz Dahl.

About a year ago Dahl created a travel website called 

"We really do provide enormous amounts of information on every country and every city in the world," she says.

Dahl, a boomer who has traveled extensively, is one of about ten writers offering other boomers travel tips.

Users of the website are also encouraged to share their travel opinions and experiences.

"The best things about being a baby boomer is that they can travel off season," says Dahl. "There is no reason you have to be caught in the crowds during June, July, or August when everyone else is traveling."

As more and more of the estimated 78 million boomers reach retirement age, some have the time and the money to travel.

Adds Dahl, "the best part of being this age is that you have a little more flexibility so you can use it to get better rates and you won't have to fight the crowds."

One of the more popular features of the year-old website is the Pet Patrol, hosted by Susie, a sweet Australian shepherd.

"Boomers more and more want to travel with their pets," says Susie's ghost writer and information technology specialist and Dahl's business partner in the website  venture. "I think the biggest tip from me is that you make sure your dog is well behaved and trained before your travel."

While the website is focused on boomers, Dahl and Anderson say it can be used by anyone with a passion for travel.

After a year in business, the company is starting to learn trends and see what's popular.

"We see a lot of people researching Italy; maybe its because George Clooney has a home there," Dahl laughs, but there is definitely a lot of interest in Italy."

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