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POV | Road Rage Could Be the Death of Us (7/15/14)

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Road Rage incidents around here seem to be getting more numerous – and deadly. In just the past month, two area men have died needlessly in incidents that were apparently the result of confrontations between angry drivers. And many similar incidents surely happen daily that don’t have such tragic conclusions.

The biggest factor that escalates these confrontations to the lethal stage is, of course, when guns are involved. It’s bad enough getting overly aggressive with your car when you’re irritated with someone else’s driving. But when firearms enter an already emotional picture, things are really unlikely to end well.

Guns, however, aren’t going away anytime soon. And neither is senseless anger. So wouldn’t it be smart for us all to use a lot more common sense when dealing with volatile traffic situations?

Sure, it’s frustrating when someone goes 40 in the fast lane. But how long does it really take to simply wait for an opening and go around him? And when someone cuts you off, is it really necessary to speed up and catch him so you can offer him the one-finger salute? While it may make you feel momentarily better, it could also land you in an early grave.

It’s not a sign of weakness to give way to overly aggressive drivers. It’s a sign of maturity. And it really could save your life.

Call and tell us how you cope with your own anger behind the wheel.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.
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