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Police warn of high-tech credit card thieves

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Your credit or debit card could be racking up charges while it's still in your wallet.

Police say thieves in other parts of the world can get access to your card numbers, and these days they don't need your card. 

All it takes is a trip to the gas pump or ATM, and they've got you.

"It was several different charges at some different department stores and gas stations...actually in North Carolina," said Adrian Judy.

Judy has been hit twice by credit card thieves. Both his work and personal cards were hit.

"It happened within a day or so of my cards be compromised," said Judy.

Judy suspects his cards were compromised at place he frequents with both work and family. "The charges only intersected at the one spot, which is local restaurant."

Judy doesn't suspect anyone inside the restaurant was involved - and neither do police.

Sgt. Bart Reid with LMPD's Financial Crimes Unit said, "It's pretty widespread - breaches of credit card information and skimmers seem to be the primary way that thieves are getting that information."

Sgt. Reid says credit card thieves have gone high-tech. They're using skimmers at gas pumps and even ATM's to steal your information. "Now with Wi-Fi, they've got these more sophisticated skimmers and they can get your credit card information transferred to them wirelessly."

Police say there are some things you can do to lower the risk at the pump. "If you could use the gas pump that is closes to the building, thieves tend to target the pumps that are on the ends 'cause they are away from the prying eyes of the employees or anybody else," said Sgt. Reid.

Meanwhile, most banks will refund the money, but it usually takes several days.

"Rarely do customers lose any money," said John Rippy, Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Management Officer for Republic Bank.

Rippy said they have aggressive protections in place to limit the loss to customers and the bank.

"We watch it very closely and we will limit or block a state if we see there is activity or a lot of fraud in a certain state, we'll see that and we'll block transactions or lower transaction amounts for that state."

Police say it is also best to use ATM's that are connected to reputable banks rather than the ones you find standing alone in malls or at convenience stores.

It's also a good habit to check your account once or twice a day.

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