LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On Friday morning, hot dog vendor and accused killer Donald Hayes was back in his usual spot in downtown Louisville.

Donald Hayes has sold hot dogs at the corner of 6th Street and Liberty Street for decades. He's charged with the murder of Danny Wilson, after an alleged road rage incident on the Watterson Expressway last month.

He later posted a $50,000 full-cash bond and is a free man until his trial.

Yesterday, WDRB News reported that several downtown vendors were vying for Hayes' prime spot across from the jail and courthouse.

Customers say they're happy to see him selling hot dogs again.

"He's a real good man," said Bryan Owsley, who works downtown. "Sorry that unfortunately that happened, but it's good to see him back."

Yesterday the city's department of codes and regulations said that the first vendor applicant on Monday morning would get Hayes' spot. We just talked with a spokesperson for the department. They tell us the spot will not be available on Monday because Hayes is currently in good standing. However, the department will review his permit to ensure compliance.

We're told Hayes must occupy the spot three days a week, every week, for four consecutive weeks to remain in compliance.

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