LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- For the second time in a week - and the 5th time in a month - a fast food restaurant was held up by men with guns.

Police describe the people behind these robberies as "slick felons" who seem to know what they are doing. And they are long gone before police arrive.

Maj. Alex Payne with the Jeffersontown police described the criminals as "covered head to toe and one individual possessed... a handgun." Surveillance pictures show the masked men walked in around 6 a.m. as an employee inside was preparing for the restaurant's opening.

Police say they demanded cash, then ran before officers could arrive.

" [The men] were long gone," said Maj. Payne. "Evidently they came in through the front area of the restaurant and exited through the rear and [then they were] gone."

On Wednesday, police say three men wearing masks held up the McDonalds on Preston Highway near Indian trail just after 2:30 in the morning. Four employees and a customer were in the restaurant, when a single shot was fired into the air.

Last week, it was this Dairy Queen in Middletown that was hit. In that instance, police say two suspects came in around 6 a.m. wearing hoodies and bandanas. They demanded cash, fired a shot in the air and hit one man in the head with a handgun.

Earlier this month, similar armed robberies were reported at a J'town Wendys and a Fern Creek Dairy Queen.

And the list goes on...

While the incidents are similar - all have happened early in the morning with men wearing disguises - police are stopping short of saying the same criminals are responsible for each.

They say they don't have evidence to support that and worry about clever copy cats.

"You get these individuals out here who arm themselves and basically go stick guns in other people's faces who are trying to go about their daily jobs or daily lives," said Maj. Payne. "Of course we take that serious."

Police are reminding fast food workers to be aware of their surroundings and to lock the door in the early morning hours before the restaurant is open.

Anyone with information on any of these cases should contact police.

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