On the outside, Oldham County High School has the same look it's had for years, but on the inside, the view on how to educate students is getting a facelift.

"Teenagers, they are so connected," said Bobbi Templet, a teacher at Oldham County High School.

Student Jeremy Dodson's way of learning and communicating with his teachers is vastly different from when he walked in the door as a

The difference
 has to do with social media. "I use it to talk with friends, my family in other states like Florida. I also used it to keep up with world events," Dodson explained. 

He can add another reason to use social media -- school work. "I'm able to work on it from my phone, my computer at home, virtually anywhere,"he said."

We have to constantly change, as our students change," Templet explained. Many teachers in the school system are becoming social media experts using at least three main sites to get through to their students. "It is a positive way to go in education," she said.

Twitter is used on field trips, to give reminders about assignments, extra credit, and social gatherings. Google Drive allows teachers to watch a student as he or she works on presentations and papers. Those teachers can then give input and help the students at the speed of light. "If I wait till the very end and they turn it in, I write all these notes and they're not going to fix it. I need to give them that feedback immediately," Templet said.

Oldham County High also has a site called Edmoto. "It's so sort of like the school's version of Facebook," Templet
said. It
 allows teachers and students to talk and trade ideas through an instant messenger, and to get in groups to talk about homework with other students, without being anywhere near the classroom.

"It helps me be able to study, talk to my teachers, and talk to my friends also about my assignments," Dodson said. More than anything else it makes learning not seem like learning. "It makes it seem like more fun," Dodson said.

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