JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Three weeks after it closed, drivers are seeing changes to the 2nd Street Bridge.

Right now, crews are preparing the bridge for pavement work. It looks a little odd, but officials say it will all make sense once the work is done.

"I went online and looked at what the post-pictures are supposed to look like and it does look very aesthetically pleasing," said Jennifer Basham, who lives in Louisville and works in Jeffersonville.

Basham has seen the finished product online, but what she's sees out the front window of her workplace is a lot different.

She explained, "I think it's going to look good, right now it's not so great."

"Things are in a very good spot right now," said Mindy Peterson, Spokesperson for The Downtown Bridges Project.

Peterson says you can't really judge the project until all of the work is done. "It has really only been about three weeks since the closure. So you can see, crews have been very busy...they have been working around the clock, they've made great strides in the work."

Crews are rebuilding the ramps to the bridge, while preserving the historic elements of it. "The limestone walls, the pylons that were in place, all of those are things that are being preserved and being incorporated in the new work," said Peterson.

Peterson also says when the work is done there will be a new traffic pattern in effect. "What we will have is...drivers heading northbound on the Clark Memorial bridge when it reopens, they are going to have to go onto Court Avenue and through Jeffersonville."

Jennifer Basham says that's good information for her co-workers and patients. "Cause we do have quite a few patients that come from downtown Louisville and they use the second street bridge."

The work is expected to be done in the next three weeks.

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