JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- County officials and residents are reeling after news that a top law enforcement officer in Clark County is facing federal charges. 

WDRB News has obtained a copy of the indictment, which indicates Sheriff Danny Rodden faces seven counts of making a false statement and one count of counseling the destruction of evidence in a federal investigation.

Rodden has been a popular figure in Clark County politics for more than 20 years, including time as a county councilman, a Jeffersonville police officer and almost eight years as sheriff.

Click HERE to read a copy of the indictment.

Clark County Commission president Jack Coffman says he discussed the Rodden indictment situation with county attorney Jacob Elder Tuesday afternoon.

"This is a sad day," Coffman said. "I feel sorry for Sheriff Rodden and his family. This has got to be a crushing blow to them."

Coffman says he discussed the situation with county attorney Jacob Elder Tuesday afternoon. 

Meanwhile, Rodden's parking place was empty Tuesday afternoon, but it may be occupied again very soon. That's because Rodden is the elected sheriff and so far is only charged or accused of a crime. So he remains the sheriff and the man in charge of the Sheriff's Department.

State law says he keeps his office unless he is convicted of a crime or were to resign. 

We asked Coffman what he would tell taxpayers about keeping trust and faith in the Sheriff's Department, which represents the largest part of county government. 

"I just want to assure that we have great men and women in the Sheriff's Department who commit themselves every day to doing a great job. So it's not just one person, we have 30+ men and women who do a great job taking care of our citizens." 

Rodden has five months left on his second term, which expires Dec 31. He is 60 years old, has been married 29 years and has two grown children.

Three people are running to replace Rodden: Democrat Brian Meyer, a sheriff's deputy; Republican Jamey Noel, a longtime state trooper and Utica Township fire chief; and independent Mac Spainhour, a retired state conservation officer and teacher.

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