LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky State Police are looking for two men accused of trying to steal from convenience stores.

Authorities are investigating more than six attempted thefts from convenience stores/gas stations. At least four attempts were made in Carroll County, one in Trimble County and one in Gallatin County. In each case, a man either called the store or entered the store requesting information from clerks about the store's owners or managers. Carrollton Police noticed six reported incidents over the weekend.

"Called the Speedway store here in Carrollton. Identified himself as a District Manager to the clerk there," said Sgt. Tim Mitchell with the Carrollton Police Department.

Traci Sullivan, Manager at Cowboys convenience store, says one man came inside to ask her employees about managers.

"What the manager's name was. If there was any job openings here. Was the manager gonna be back today," said Traci Sullivan.

"Just questions that made the clerks suspicious of who he was," said Sgt. Mitchell.

Sometime later, an unknown male would call the store, posing as either the store owner or a district manager.

The caller claimed an employee had been stealing money from the store, and instructed the clerk to place all cash from the store's safes and registers in a money bag and give it to a person coming into the store to pick it up, or to bring the money to the parking lot to a person waiting to take it.

Police say no threats were made during the calls. 

In Greendale, Indiana, authorities say the scam worked at an Ameristop.

They say the suspects made off with nearly $5,000 on Monday.

One suspect was spotted in surveillance video wearing a Cincinnati Reds hat. Authorities believe he's in his mid-20's, and has an unknown tattoo on his right arm.

Another man is seen in surveillance wearing camouflage shorts. He's believed to be approximately 30 years old, with a brown goatee and mustache.

They're believed to be in a white or silver Cadillac Deville, which was also caught on surveillance.

Witnesses said the suspects may have also been in a blue minivan, with an unknown make and model. They reported seeing a white female in the vehicle with bright pink hair.

Police are asking gas station employees to be on alert, as they continue to search for the two men.

"If it sounds suspicious to you on the phone, it probably is suspicious," said Sgt. Tim Mitchell.

Anyone with information should contact Kentucky State Police at 502-532-6363.

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