NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- The sentencing hearing for convicted serial killer William Clyde Gibson continued for a third day Wednesday, with a psychiatrist reviewing her assessment of him two years ago. 

Gibson has already been sentenced to death for one murder, and now Judge Susan Orth is hearing from witnesses before deciding whether he'll receive the death sentence for the murder of Stephanie Kirk. 35-year-old Kirk was murdered and violently sexually assaulted by Gibson, then buried in his backyard.

Heather Henderson-Galligan is the only witness expected to testify Wednesday. She told the court she gave Gibson a mental competency exam in 2012. She diagnosed him with bipolar disorder, some form of a personality disorder, and noted that he had alcohol and poly-substance abuse problems.

When bluntly asked by the defense if it was her opinion that Gibson has serious issues, she responded, "clearly."

At one point during Henderson-Galligan's testimony, Gibson unexpectedly blurted out: "What are you going to do -- kill me again?"

This is Gibson's third murder case. He has already been convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Christine Whitis, and sentenced to 65 years for the murder of Karen Hodella.

In this case, Gibson unexpectedly pleaded guilty to killing Kirk as jury selection was under way. 

Another first came on the third day of the sentencing hearing as Stephanie Kirk's father addressed the media. "You want to see what evil looks like? Look at the news because that's the face of evil right there,” he declared.

Henderson-Galligan testified that Through a competency evaluation, she determined Gibson to be bipolar and suffering from some sort of personality disorder.

"I think that behavior is consistent with what we've seen from him throughout these proceedings," said Henderson-Galligan. 

Floyd County prosecutor Steve Owen remarked "As anyone with a mental defect, is this type of behavior excused? And we would argue it's not, and that's not our law and let's hope it never is.”

Although Henderson-Galligan was the last witness scheduled to testify during the sentencing hearing, Gibson's defense attorneys may try to call a rebuttal witness to the stand. That would happen tomorrow, which will close out testimony. 

Judge Orth will then have seven to 10 days to make a decision.

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