LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Racial slurs scribbled on a white picket fence -- it's what has some Schnitzelburg residents outraged.

Neighbors and officials gathered to speak out against the message. Homeowners say before now, they've never had a problem with vandalism.

‘KKK’. ‘Satan’. ‘White power’. ‘666’. They're the last phrases you'd expect to see written on a white picket fence.

“For this type of graffiti to be posted in our community is an outrage and we're not going to tolerate it," Kentucky State Representative Jim Wayne said.

Longtime Schnitzelburg resident Sharon Hurley found the graffiti on her fence this week. “This is not something we can just ignore, paint over, cover up with white wash, this can't be done.” Hurley said, “We have to be aware of it."

She wants to find who's responsible and put an end to the prejudice tagging.

“The ‘who’ is important. The ‘why’ is more important.” Hurley added, “The why is important. Why is this being done? Who is getting this message through and why do we need to even have a meeting like this if we didn’t have this prejudice already?”

She gathered neighbors and officials together to get her message across: she's watching.

Schnitzelburg Community Council member Gary Allen said "This type of stuff isn't needed nowhere in the world, especially here in Schnitzelburg. There should be no prejudice in the world whatsoever."

State Representative Jim Wayne says the graffiti does not reflect what kind of neighborhood Schnitzelburg is or the type of people who live there.

“We want to send the message to the community that this is an embracing neighborhood.” Wayne said, “We want to send the message that we care about everyone. We do not discriminate. This is a neighborhood of diversity."

The community leaders are taking the matter seriously and say it's important to speak out against the message on the fence.

Carol Kramer, of Showing up for Racial Justice, said "I think anytime these groups or individuals do speak out, it's our responsibility as other white people to say they don't speak for me."

You're asked to contact the Schnitzelburg community council if you know who might be responsible.

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