LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- National Instagram sensation Grandma Betty has passed away. Her family made the announcement Saturday on the Instagram account GrandmaBetty33.

We first told you in March about Jeffersonville teen Zach Belden posting pictures of Grandma Betty on the account, demonstrating how joy and love can ease the pain of battling cancer.

"Maybe they'll learn something from me," Grandma Betty told WDRB in March. "I've been here 80 years, maybe they'll learn something good from me."

The statement regarding Grandma Betty's passing is re-printed here:

After a much needed night of rest , Grandma has come to peace with her battle of Lung Cancer. Although Grandma Betty is no longer physically with us, she will forever be in the hearts of the millions of people she touches every single day. Grandma Betty did not lose her battle to cancer, because her legacy she has left behind will inspire millions of people to #Smile, #BeHappy, and #StayHappy no matter what. The fight has ended. The battle is won.

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