LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- If you are considering remodeling your home instead of buying a new one there is a chance this weekend to see how it is done.

On Monday, Jeff Smith of Redsmith Construction took WDRB News on a tour of one of the 11 homes that will be part of the Tour of Remodeled Homes Showcase produced by the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville (BIA).

"Every one of these homes around here was built around the turn of the (20th) century," says Smith.

He showed us the inside of a newly remodeled home in the Crescent Hill neighborhood, one of the oldest houses on the tour.

It has undergone about a $200,000 renovation creating more open spaces inside as some of the walls that made up smaller rooms have been removed.

Smith also added a screened porch.

"Everybody wants the outdoor space, it is just huge," he says, "we've been building lots of big, screened rooms. People want a large porch with lighting and ceiling fans that create a real comfortable space for the entire family."

The tour will also highlight other popular features.

"In the last several years," he says, "we've done lots of kitchens and baths; the large rooms and large additions kind of dwindled for us a few years ago, but in the last year we've been getting an uptick in that too."

Remodeling is a popular option for many Louisville residents who love their neighborhood and location but want to update their home to better fit their current lifestyle or taste, according to Tara Brinkmoeller of BIA of Greater Louisville.

"We have so many great neighborhoods in Louisville," she says, "and so many people want to stay where they are but make modifications to their homes to bring them up to date, to put in some of those new trends, products, and services you might find in a new home into their existing home."

Smith says even during the recession of 2008 business for his remodeling company remained steady, but that now, the size of his projects are getting bigger as the economy seems to be improving for many people.

"I think it is a little easier for folks to get some money to pay for larger projects," he says.

The tour of remodeled homes runs for two days this coming Saturday and Sunday.

For a complete list of where the 11 homes are located check out www.louisvilleremodeltour.com.

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