JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Businesses in downtown Jeffersonville say sales have doubled--if not tripled--since the opening of the Big Four Bridge.

Since its opening on May 20, the Indiana side of the pedestrian bridge has seen a lot of foot traffic. Jeffersonville officials say every month, 100,000 people are crossing into Indiana.

"All of a sudden, you've got 100,000 new people every month coming across that bridge, and they're bringing with them a boat load of money," said Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore. "People have never seen Jeffersonville like this before."

Moore describes a Spring Street that is generally known for its low foot traffic, and lacking night life. 

"At 5 p.m., the shops closed and it was a ghost town down here," said Moore. "Now there are people walking around, stores are open late, and businesses are happy."

At Match Cigar Bar on Spring Street, the owner reports seeing plenty of new customers and an increase in sales.

"Since the bridge has opened, I think we're up every month 30-40% than we were last year at the same time," said owner Sara Mouttet

Four blocks down, Perkfections Cafe is also celebrating record months.

"This time last year, business was pretty slow. We were hopeful to make $500 a day," said barista Elise Delap. She says, since the bridge opened, they've had at least one day where they quadrupled that number.

Mayor Moore said the foot traffic is great for existing local businesses, but it is also attracting new developments and plenty of new restaurants. He said a number of out-of-state developers have expressed interest in building near the foot of the bridge due to the increase in traffic.

"Obviously developers follow where the crowds are, where the money is, and many have already come, and many more are on the way."

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