LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville brewery is expanding into Portland and it plans to increase production by a whopping 400 percent.

"Louisville has seen a significant rise in interest in craft beer," says one of the four owners of Against the Grain Brewery, Sam Cruz.

Because of the rise in interest in craft beer, business has been better than expected at the brewery which opened in Louisville Slugger Field less than three years ago.

So the owners have recently purchased a warehouse on Northwestern Parkway in the city's Portland neighborhood.

There they will build a new production and packaging operation.

"Our business plan called for this expansion to occur a little bit later than what we actually happened, so we are actually ahead of schedule," says Cruz.

The owners are spending a couple of million dollars to invest in a barrel brew house, a bottling line and fermentation tanks.

That will allow them to meet the current demand for their craft beer.

Says Cruz, "Currently we are servicing up to 38 states in the U.S. with our distribution plan, that puts our demand way out of our ability to produce."

At its current location on East Main, the company produces about 1,500 barrels a year. Once the additional operation is up and running that number will increase dramatically, about 400 percent according to Cruz.

After the additional production gets underway the owners hope that further down the road they can bring a tasting room and retail operation to the Portland neighborhood.

"The synergy that is happening in Portland is really exciting because we kind of get a double edge sword," adds Cruz, "we get to increase production and then be a part of something really special and that is helping to revitalize that area."

Eventually the company hopes to add up to 20 new jobs.

Against the Grain plans to begin production at its Portland location by the end of the year.

Cruz's partners are Adam Watson, Andrew Ott, and Jerry Gnagy.

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