LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- First day of school jitters aren't just for students. Teachers get them too.

But a new high school teacher in Wagoner, Oklahoma took things a step further, allegedly showing up for the first day drunk.

School officials say Lorie Hill didn't check in with them. She instead went into a classroom she claimed was hers and took off her pants. Police found Hill in the principal's office where the staff had to detain her.

"When our officers interviewed her, she did admit to having some vodka yesterday morning before she came to school," said Bob Haley, Wagoner's Police Chief.

Police say even though they found a cup with a vodka odor in Hill's car, she's only being arrested for public intoxication and not DUI charges.

The reason -- there are no credible witnesses who may have seen her drink at home and then drive to work.

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