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POV | JCPS Needs Fresh Start (8/7/14)

As it is, the Jefferson County school system is set up to fail.

What real reforms can be achieved when board members usually just “rubber stamp” decisions already made by administrators committed to preserving their comfortable status quo?

Why are qualified people reluctant to run for the JCPS board while the University of Louisville's board is packed with people who have demonstrated efficiency, innovation and accomplishment in the real world? Is primary and secondary education any less important?

Why do voters select only one of seven board members? Since we send all students to every corner of the county, hasn't the concept of a board member representing a single district become obsolete?

And why do we persist in busing thousands of students to schools that were built to satisfy decades-old demographic realities instead of building new schools in areas that reflect current residential distribution?

“It's always been done that way” isn't an adequate response to these questions. Everyone in Kentucky empowered to affect educational policy -- from the Governor down -- needs to do a serious zero-based assessment of JCPS to eliminate everything that no longer serves a purpose, so we can meet the real needs of 21st century education.

If you have the skills and the desire to make a real difference, please consider running for the school board. The deadline for filing is next Tuesday.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.
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