LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Robert Frost Middle School is no longer. It's now Robert Frost 6th Grade Academy and school officials say they have a whole new mission.

The newly formed Robert Frost 6th Grade Academy hosted a Back to School Jam Thursday night so students could meet their teachers, get school tours and learn about the new school.

It's the first time the school has been focused on only 6th grade.

"This concept is going to provide the opportunity for us to really focus on intervention and enrichment to make sure our students are not only performing at grade level but beyond grade level," said Principal Faith Stroud.

Stroud said they're focusing on a home-to-school connection.

"Already this summer, I've visited 40 households, making home visits personally, introducing myself as the principal, letting them know that we're not just talking about it. We're being about it," Stroud told WDRB.

According to an innovation study done last year, Frost Middle School has a long history of being one of the lowest achieving schools in the district.

School officials say it's their goal is to fix that.

"During the school year, we'll provide extended day where we'll provide support services, enrichment, extracurricular activities and we'll even provide the scholars transportation home three days a week," she said.

Stroud says there's a reason they refer to students as scholars.

"Words have power and we want to envision our kids for what they are to become. We see every student being college and career ready, going to college and graduating college. Therefore, we call them scholars because we want them to know what we see them as," she explained.

There are 255 students enrolled at the academy with 19 teachers on staff.

Parent Susan Philyaw chose to send her son Joseph here because she thinks the focus on 6th grade is an important step.

"They're going from childhood to adolescence, they're going to teenagers and this is what they really need. They need to be focused on so that we can change them and hopefully help the generations ahead of us," Philyaw told WDRB.

Robert Frost 6th Grade Academy's mission statement is:

In partnership with our community, the Robert Frost 6th Grade Academy empowers our scholars to be 21st century leaders who are soaring to new heights.

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