JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A former Louisville firefighter takes responsibility for killing a police dog and injuring a detective during a stand off, but Joshua Priddy will not stand trial for the crimes.

On Monday, Priddy accepted a plea agreement that will send him to prison or a mental hospital for several years. He walked into a Clark County courtroom in handcuffs, with shackles around his waist. Two hours later he walked out with a signed plea agreement in his hands.

Priddy did not answer questions as he was escorted back to jail, but inside the courtroom he did.  The 32-year-old took ownership for his actions.

"He does own it." Priddy's attorney David Mosley said, "he feels remorse and he wants to accept responsibility for what happened."

Priddy now admits he held southern Indiana Police at bay for several hours in June of 2013, shot and killed Indiana State Police K-9 Kilo and shot a detective in the knee.

"He is a very fine human being, he suffered a psychotic break that led to this episode, which began not because of a crime underway but because his wife called for assistance," said Mosley.

In court, a psychologist testified that Priddy was mentally ill at the time of the incident.

"The state does feel good about this plea agreement, um, there were a number of factors that went into this case and the decision to offer a plea," said Jennifer Harmeyer, Clark County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney.

Prosecutors say those factors involve Priddy's mental state.

Harmeyer explained, "So we decided to offer the plea agreement as opposed to taking the chance at trial that Mr. Priddy would be found not responsible by reason of insanity."

Indiana State Police say the K-9 was loved and is missed.

"Anytime that you take and put a dog and you go through the training, and you invest the time, you create some type of a bond with that dog and it's very hard not to create a bond, even if it's not your own dog," said Sgt. Tony Knox, with Indiana State Police.

Meanwhile, Priddy left with a 20 year sentence, but it's doubtful he will serve that much time.

"Really it's a 20 year sentence with 6 years suspended, that's 14 years of sentence to be fulfilled, in Indiana you can do that in 7 years, he's got a year in so he has got 6 more years," said Mosley.

The Indiana Department of corrections will now evaluate Priddy to decide if he'll spend his time in prison or a mental hospital.

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