LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- More than 100,000 Jefferson County Public School students are heading back to class.  And many will see changes including a shorter bus ride to school.

On WDRB in the Morning, JCPS Superintendent Doctor Donna Hargens said the district is eliminating bus depots and reducing ride time to make transportation more efficient. "Our ride time was 29 minutes last year, and we want that to be even less this year.  But 1,500 elementary students won't go through a bus depot, so they will have a direct route from their bus stop to their school."

She says the school system is focusing its energy this year on what will directly affect students. Among the changes, JCPS is adding mental health counselors. Hargens says "We listened to our principals, and it was clear to our school-based staff that lots of our students have need and we needed to build a response."  She says the addition of counselors will allow more focus on learning and getting a quality education.

Hargens also hopes the just-approved schools of innovation will help spread new ideas that will improve student achievement. "The big theme is more support for schools in the classroom. That's the center of the universe. So we have mental health counselors. We have lots of things happening. We've reconfigured schools to better support students."

As for the start to the school year, Doctor Hargens says students need get plenty of rest, be at the bus stop on time and be ready to learn.

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