NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- David Camm spent Tuesday morning in a place that does not hold good memories for him: a Floyd County courtroom.

Although David Camm has been cleared in a court of law, his former in-laws still want him to pay.

"For whatever reason they just can't allow themselves to get to the point where they recognize the truth," Camm said.

But this time, instead of facing a jury, Camm is facing his former in-laws.

“Frank and Janice just can't [or] don't get it and unfortunately, now it has come down to an issue concerning money," Camm said.

In October of last year, Camm was acquitted in the September 2000 murders of his wife Kim and children Brad and Jill. He says since being released there has been mostly positive feedback.

“That's normally what I get from most people that I run into, but you have this small group of individuals who bought into this belief early on that I had something to do with Kim, Brad and Jill's death and they just won't let it go," he said.

That's why they're all here again preparing for a future court battle.

Attorney Nick Stein is representing Kim Camm's parents in a wrongful death lawsuit against Camm and says there are several issues on the table.

“We are believing that based upon all of the facts out there that he is responsible for his family's death or there wouldn't be any more litigation," Stein said. "We have litigation in the estate matter, in the nationwide insurance case matter, wrongful death case and we have a federal court case."

There are hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake but Stein says it's about justice. “It's definitely not about money for Frank Renn," he said.

Camm's attorney David Mosley said "I think Mr. Stein and all due respect, the Renns need to wake up and smell the coffee. He was acquitted, he did not harm Kim, Brad and Jill."

Charles Boney was eventually convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murders.

“You know, I wonder about motive sometimes," Camm said. That's why he is still confused by the actions of his former in-laws.

“Frank and Janice are Kim's parents and ah, I don't want to speak on that," he said.

David Camm is also in the process of filing a 30-million dollar lawsuit against Floyd County and the state of Indiana.

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