LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It may have looked like moving day, but police say it was actually a burglary in broad daylight. 

Neighbors never suspected a thing and Metro Police believe it's because the burglars were bold enough to park in the front driveway, in broad daylight while they cleaned out the home.

Police say they even have video of the suspects casing the home. "I guess he goes down here to the end of the street and turns around and he'll come back up this way in about 45 seconds," says 4th Division Det. Kevin Peak in reference to the security footage.

When the car returns, the video shows the suspects pulled right into the driveway in broad daylight.

Det. Peak says, "The driver gets out and goes up to the front door, he's walking up to the front door and the passenger is still in the vehicle."

It happened in late July in the Beechmont neighborhood.

"Here he comes back; he's coming around here now. Goes to the car for a second and then he goes to the back yard," says Det. Peak.

Det. Peak says once in the back yard, the suspect forced his way into the home and then gives the all clear to his partner in crime. "He was in there about 4 or 5 minutes and then he called ah, the passenger got out of the car and he went around to the front door and went in through the front door."

Det. Peak says once inside, the suspects clean house. "They were in there long enough - they'd pick and choose what they wanted to take, I mean, it's like they just went through the house what...whatever they thought was valuable."

Police say they believe neighbors never even suspected a crime was being committed. "I think that they just felt like they belonged there...because they pulled up in the driveway, didn't park out in the street and didn't do any running...just kind of walked in."

Even though people who live on the quiet street were not watching, a neighbor's cameras were rolling and that's how police got this surveillance video of the suspects' car.

"It's a between a '95 and a 2003, looks like a dark green Chevy Blazer."

"The think unique about it is it has black...it's black hubcaps on it or no hubcaps at all just black rim and tinted windows," says Det. Peak.

Police believe these same suspects have hit several homes in the Metro Louisville area.

Anyone with information about the suspects or that Chevy Blazer should call LMPD's anonymous tip line at 574-LMPD.

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