LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police have arrested a woman after she allegedly  kicked an officer and spit on an EMS worker, while intoxicated.

Natashia Jackson, 21, was arrested Wednesday night in the 8900 block of Blue Lick Road, after police say she was involved in a non-injury auto accident.

Police say they arrived to find Jackson trying to push her car out of a ditch by herself. Police say Jackson told them she had consumed two beers, when they asked her if she had been drinking.

According to police records, when police asked Jackson for her drivers license and proof of insurance, she got back into the passenger side of the car to retrieve it, but began "playing with trash" that was in her car.

When officers reminded Jackson to show them her license and insurance, police say she continued playing with the trash and placed a roll of duct tape around her right arm.

That's when police say they repeatedly told Jackson to get out of her car, but she refused. That's when police say they told her they would use force to remove her. 

Police then employed force to get Jackson out of the car, and they say she resisted arrest once she out of the vehicle. Police say Jackson kicked an officer and would not allow her to handcuff her.

Jackson was detained and EMS workers were called to the scene to check out Jackson's injuries from the accident. Police say Jackson spit bloody saliva on an EMS worker. Police also say Jackson admitted to taking Rohypnol, a date rape drug known as "Roofies" on the street. 

EMS workers treated Jackson and transported her to U of L Hospital before she was arrested.

Jackson faces charges of driving under the influence, assault, resisting arrest, criminal mischief, driving without a license, and failure to maintain insurance.

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