In the wake of this past weekend's tremendously successful PGA Championship at Louisville's Valhalla Golf Course, now would be a good time to give some credit to one group of people who made perhaps the biggest contribution to that success:

The volunteers.

Over 3,000 local residents each contributed around 20 hours of their time to the event, serving as everything from marshals on the course to merchandise sellers for no compensation whatsoever – other than knowing they'd helped their community beautifully showcase the game they love. And while none of them supplied the star power of a Rory McIlroy or a Phil Mickelson, the show couldn't have gone on without them.

This caused me to reflect on the many other local organizations and events that depend heavily on the efforts of volunteers. Where would the Red Cross be without them? How could the Kentucky Derby Festival possibly coordinate all its events without them? The Crusade for Children? The St. Joseph Orphan's Picnic?

And the list goes on.

Volunteers are emblematic of everything that's right in a community. Motivated not by profit but by a desire to make things better, they provide the grass roots efforts that turn big plans into actual results. And that helps raise everyone's quality of life.

So here's a well-deserved “thank you” to all the volunteers out there. We may not know all your names, but we sure do appreciate all you do.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.