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Police: Homeowners making it easy for burglars

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Burglars inside your home, going through your valuables while your family is sound asleep. It has happened several times in the east end in the last few weeks and police say homeowners are making it easy for the criminals to get inside.

Criminals usually avoid homes with cars in the driveways, but not this time. Inside some of the cars, they found the garage door openers that gave them easy access to the homes.

"I woke up to find I could not find my purse when I was running out for things that day," said Janelle Bardon, burglary victim.

Bardon had no idea her missing valuables were in the hands of burglars. "And so I just left the house because I needed to keep going," said Bardon.

Several hours later, she learned her purse wasn't the only thing missing from the home in Worthington Place off Brownsboro Road in the east end. She said, "It was an iPad, three cell phones and two iPods."

That's when Bardon realized her home had been burglarized.  It all happened while her family was inside, sound asleep.

The criminals started with her car and then the garage.

Bardon explained, "So they used my garage door opener, actually opened my garage in the middle of the night."

Once inside the garage, the burglars had easy access to the home. "Unfortunately we...got a little too comfortable here so we did not have our garage door locked and they just walked right in and took our stuff."

Police say this is one of several recent east end burglaries.

"It's approximately 11 in about the last two weeks," said Lt. Rob Davis, LMPD's 8th division.

Davis says homeowners are making it too easy for criminals. "A few of these reports that we've looked at during this time period, the doors were just unlocked. You could almost just roll the red carpet out at that point and just ask 'em to take your stuff."

Lt. Davis says it takes just few extra seconds or steps to protect your home, valuables and family.

"Throw that deadbolt, twist that key lock so that if somebody does get into your garage itself, they can't immediately access into your kitchen or into your house."

It was a costly mistake, but a lesson learned for Janelle Bardon.

"I am obviously going to be a lot more diligent about locking my doors and keeping my family safe," says Bardon.

Metro Police believe these recent break-ins are connected to drug use and not a theft ring or anything like that.

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