LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Toss out the magazines you don't want and the cookie dough you don't need.

Gay Adelmann says she found a new way to support her kids' school. "It's called "iGive." It's basically a way for a non-profit to receive percentage of purchases that anyone makes online,"she said.

Adelmann is the PTA President from the Academy at Shawnee and says she got the idea one day while she was shopping online.

Shawnee's PTA becomes the first in JCPS to sign up.

"Back when I lived in Indiana I worked for an organization that used "iGive" for fundraising, so when I was about to make my purchases, I said I'd rather see my donations go to my son's school," Adelmann explained.

The process is simple and takes about two minutes. Contributors first log onto
. Under the "choose cause tab," search for the Academy at Shawnee. From there, fill out the user profile.

"You can take that second step and add the iGive icon to your browser bar and that makes a little orange umbrella show up," Adelmann said.

With the orange umbrella, consumers can shop at nearly 1,300 different stores. Store selections range from Best Buy to Macy's and extend online with sites like Amazon. "Everybody is shopping online," Adelmann said.

The app can be installed on iPads or Google Chrome. Adelmann said it's no fuss fundraising. "It doesn't cost anything extra. There is no charge for being connected to this program," Adelmann said.

PTAs can often be a story of the haves and the have nots. Some schools are heavily resourced and supported financially, but Shawnee's PTA just got up and running again two years ago. "This money will support our kids exclusively, whether it's supplies or support for field trips or support in the classroom, we want to provide students with the utmost opportunities to be successful," said Houston Barber, Principal for the Academy at Shawnee.

The PTA can receive between two and twenty-six percent of sales, depending on the item.

Adelmann says it beats going door to door."It's money that is just going to go back to the store, so send it to us instead," she said.

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