LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- We've all heard of getting a cup of sugar or eggs from a neighbor, but these neighbors say they are actually sharing sewage - and it's not by choice.

They say their landlord knows there is a problem, but is missing in action.

Whether DaMara Osborne is taking a shower, using the sink or flushing the toilet, she has problems with all of them. “This first started by in May of this year," she explains.

They all cause problems because the water goes down the drain and into another apartment.

“We have the same plumbing line and whenever I flush or run any water in my bathroom it goes down into her plumbing line but it does not go out of the building," Osborne says.

Instead, the water or sewage ends up in Keneathia Adkins apartment just below.

“I was actually asleep and I woke up the next morning and I came walking through and there was just water all over the floor," Adkins says.

Adkins and Osborne live in this apartment building off St. Andrews Church Road in South Louisville and say they've reached out to the landlord with no luck.

“I mean over and over, you call, you text, you call you text and no response," Adkins says.

Adkins even recorded a video to show their building's owner, but says even that didn't work.

According to the Jefferson County PVA, the property is own by Tran Properties. We tried to contact the owner by phone with no luck.

The owner did send a text response and the department of codes and regulations even sent a letter, but the floors are still a mess and covered in sewage.

“I've withheld July and August rent because of that," Adkinds says.

So until the problem with plumbing is fixed, the ladies are withholding rent and using a system to minimize the problem.

“We've even gotten a system where I try not to do anything at night, if I have to use the restroom at night, we just won't flush the toilet until in the morning,” Osborne says.

We called the owner of the building several times, but she still has not called back. Meanwhile, both tenants say they are now making arrangements to move.

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