LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Gone in 60 seconds – we're not talking about the movie. A group of thieves has been able to steal thousands of dollars in electronics in less than a minute from local stores.

Police say the group has hit several local cell phone stores in what they describe as a smash-and-grab job.

It takes the group so little time to take so much that detectives are hoping someone can help them identify the suspects or the getaway car in the short surveillance videos they have.

Det. John Green with LMPD's 6th division says the group enters the stores and moves quickly.

“In the video, you see several black males; they take a very large rock and throw it through the front door,” Det. Green explains.

"Once they get inside, they'll grab anything they can, cell phones and accessories and leave very quickly."

In all of the break-ins, the suspects are in and out of the store in less than a minute, taking cell phones and a number of accessories. We timed it so we could know exactly how fast they work – it took 22 seconds in the video from a Sprint store on Hurstbourne Parkway.

“Once the alarm company notifies the police department,” Green says, “it's several minutes that have gone by from the time that we can get there."

“These started in July and we've had several incidents that have occurred at several different locations since then."

Det. Green says the incidents started in July and location that have been hit range from Springhurst to Hurstbourne Parkway to Bardstown Road. Police think it won't stop until there is an arrest.

“They've done this several times in a short period of time and they haven't been caught yet so I think they feel like they can,” Det. Green says. “They're going to keep doing it and not going to get caught."

Det. Green says the suspects may cover their faces, but there is one thing they didn't hide: they're getaway car is apparently a black Chevy Impala.

"They drive the vehicle to the front door, it is late at night and the gentlemen get out of the vehicle and go in at that point," Det. Green says.

Police believe there are at least 4 suspects.

If you know who they are, you are asked to call LMPD's tip line at 574-LMPD.

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