Guest Editorial

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Attica Scott

You owe me an apology, Mr. Lamb. You can disagree with me, as you have before, but you do not tell me to shut up. You are not a mother of a Black child. You do not live with our fear.

You owe our community an apology for misleading your viewers by
. I did not do any public speaking in Ferguson -- my friends and I helped with clean-up. You lifted a quote from me from a show on one of our local radio stations.

It is obvious from your repeated commentary about me, Mr. Lamb, that I am under your skin. It is also clear that your attacks against me have become increasingly personal. But your childish outburst will not stop me from acknowledging the fear and pain of so many mothers. Women like me often feel the vicious attacks from men like you. Enough.

You have made it clear that you will use your position and television station to try and publicly abuse and bully me, but I am stronger than your contempt and hate. I have far too much work to do to build community while you try and tear me down.

I am Councilwoman Scott and, because of Michael Newby and Michael Brown, and far too many young Black men in-between, I will continue to speak up.

And that's my Point of View.