LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There are some 7,000 children in Kentucky who have been removed from their homes and need foster care -- and the Kentucky Baptist Convention has launched a campaign to help meet that need by recruiting new foster families from its 2,400 churches.

Josh and Beth Pace decided to become foster parents last year, even though they have three biological children, whom Beth homeschools.

The Paces have already cared for four foster children.

"When you realize, or are made aware of all the need that's around you, and the kids that need a family that's safe and loving, that's the motivation," said Beth.

"[We want] to provide a them a home that is what a home ought to be, which is loving and accepting forever," added Josh.

Now, the Kentucky Baptist Convention is looking for more families like the Paces. Next week, it launches the "Be the One" campaign.

Working with Sunrise Children's Services, the KBC will try to recruit one new foster family from each of its 2,400 churches.

"That would put 2,400 new foster families into the system, giving us...a diversity of families that are all ready to take on the challenges and needs of the kids that come into their home," said Aaron White, who trains foster parents for Sunrise Children's Services.

The need is great. There are more than 7,000 children who've been removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect, and need stable families.

"That's the only resource that can really help improve some of the outcomes for these children," said White.

The Paces see being foster parents as an expression of their Christian faith, and are pleased to see the effort to add to their ranks.

"We think it's great for other Christian families to step into this and extend the love that Christ has shown us to kids that really need it," said Beth.

"If people start stepping up, then we could have zero foster kids in Kentucky that are not in a home, right? The church could take care of the problem," said Josh.

The "Be the One" campaign also includes resources to help churches become support systems for foster families.

The campaign will last at least through September.

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