LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police say they've arrested a homeless man -- and a registered sex offender -- after he raped a woman at Waterfront Park.

According to an arrest report, a woman accused 39-year-old Hershel McKay of raping her at Waterfront Park some time in June. Police say the woman told them she did not consent to any sexual encounter -- and demanded that he stop -- but nevertheless, McKay held her to the ground, pulled her pants off and forced himself on her.

Police say it's not the only sex crime he's accused of. According to another arrest report, McKay raped a homeless woman on July 6. According to an arrest report, McKay approached the woman while she was outside a friend's house and told her that he wanted "some of that," indicating that he wanted to engage in sexual activity. When she refused, police say McKay indicated that he had a gun -- although the victim never saw it -- and began to fondle her. He then allegedly forced her to engage in a sex act, and then raped her.

Police say the woman tried to fight McKay off, but was unsuccessful.

According to online records, McKay is a registered sex offender who moved to Kentucky from Tennessee after being convicted for statutory rape involving a 17-year-old victim.

He was caught when two patrol officers took it upon themselves to put time and effort into finding him -- and police say it paid off. Yesterday, they recognized him downtown because of the spider and initials tattooed on his neck. He was subsequently arrested.

"I think it spells well of the tenacity," said Sgt. John Jawor of the LMPD Sex Crimes Unit. "I mean, they were looking for one person in the community for felony sexual assault. I think they realized the value of how important it was to find him."

McKay, is currently in custody, charged with two counts of rape, sexual abuse, sodomy and failure to comply with the sex offender registry.

"I think the public needs to realize that the assault took place at Waterfront Park, but it wasn't like someone was waiting in the bushes waiting for someone they met someone else and traveled to that location," said Jawor.

In court this morning, his bond was set at $50,000 full-cash -- and the judge didn't like the way he answered her.

"Sir, do you understand those charges?" the judge asked.

McKay grumbled.

"No?" the judge replied.


"Yes?" the judge asked. "It's your request for a public defender?"


"That would be a yes?" the judge asked.


And on the way out, our photographer heard him grumble a cuss word, apparently unhappy about his bond being raised.

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