LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - A fiery crash involving a school bus and several cars left 16 students injured - was just a drill. 

Ten different Clark County, Indiana agencies responded including EMS, firefighters and hazardous material workers.

The scene was very realistic with cars that had crashed into the bus and one vehicle with a barrel smashed into its windshield.

Drama students from Jeffersonville and Charlestown high schools served as the mock victims with many different injuries. 

Responders have no idea what they'll be facing at the scene. 

"We have a company putting the whole thing on that is evaluating each area we work on and each of our command posts to let us know where we're at and what we need to improve on," said Bruce Deark, of the Jeffersonville Fire Department.

The Emergency Response Preparedness drill took place at the River Ridge Complex 

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