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POV | ISIS needs to be stopped now

I believe it is critical that we eradicate ISIS as quickly as possible. Let's be clear about one thing: ISIS has nothing to do with religious beliefs. They are a bunch of barbarians who are slaughtering people because there's been no one to stop them so far. It's not about ideology. It's about playing real life video games where they blow real people away and then answer to no one.

While we had to go to war with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, I think President Bush made a costly mistake by invading Iraq. In fact, Iraq distracted us from finishing the job in Afghanistan sooner. The weakening of Iraq made possible the expansion of ISIS.

President Obama may be making the same mistake President Johnson made when he tried to manage the Vietnam war from the White House. Rather than rely on the expertise of our great military leaders, Johnson felt his limited experience in the U.S. Naval Reserve qualified him to call the shots in Vietnam and the results were disastrous. President Obama, with even less military experience, has already decided we won't have boots on the ground. That's a political decision, not a military one.

Nobody wants to send Americans back into Iraq, but ISIS poses the greatest long term threat to our safety and way of life since Nazi Germany. ISIS needs to be stopped now.

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.
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