LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- For one neighborhood in Louisville, the countdown to Halloween began weeks ago.

That's how much work it takes to transform the notorious Hillcrest Avenue into Halloween Street and decorations are already popping up.

"Everything i put in here is homemade," said Michael Ghrist as he spruced up one of his "victims," a man with a plummeting parachute. "His name is I-B Tulow. I be too low!" he laughed.

Everything in Ghrist's "Hillcrest Cemetery" themed yard is funny. "You go cash a check and you tell people you're from Hillcrest, they're like, 'ohhh which one's yours?'"

Some residents start setting up their yard in September. The tradition of extreme decorations on Hillcrest Avenue has gone on for 19 years.

It can take weeks to build elaborate scenes. Once October hits, it's crunch time. Some yards are still empty, but by this weekend, most will be transformed.

Down the street from Ghrist, his neighbors were  putting the finishing touches on their creepy dining theme. "You do a little this day a little that day," said Mike Johnson.

Four to five thousand goblins and ghouls will roam Hillcrest Avenue Halloween night. "You literally can't walk on the sidewalks," said Ghrist.

Some will spend $300-$400 on candy for trick-or-treaters. Others stock up on bags the weekend before Halloween with BYOC (Bring Your Own Candy) parties.

"It's an opportunity to do a project with your neighbors," said Johnson about the communal feeling on Hillcrest Avenue. "It's a chance just to talk to folks. The kids seem to enjoy it quite a bit."

If you enjoy strolling through Hillcrest Avenue, admire the scenes and  the work that goes into it. "It's for the kids. I would've stopped years ago but people kept wanting me to do it," said Ghrist. "I wouldn't do it if I didn't want to because it's just too much work."

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