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POV | Pension Payoff Not Justified

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OK, let's see if I have this straight:

Former Clark County Sheriff Danny Rodden now admits he had an affair with a prostitute, provided her access to a police badge and uniform for fraudulent use, told her to destroy evidence and lied to the FBI when they began investigating, and was finally forced to retire when the entire web of lies was uncovered.

So justice was served, right?

Well, no. Because, as I said, Rodden was allowed to retire rather than being fired. And that means he'll actually be collecting a pension of about $1,600 a month for the rest of his life despite his crimes while in office.

And who'll be paying for this nice little perk? The citizens of Clark County, of course.

This is ridiculous. A pension is agreed-upon deferred compensation for an employee who does the job he's hired to do. But Rodden's actions while Sheriff constitute a complete betrayal of the office he was elected to. Why should Clark County be bound to fulfill their end of the bargain when Rodden completely failed to fulfill his?

Danny Rodden has already collected around $22,000 in salary for sitting at home doing nothing since the investigation began in the summer. He should consider himself lucky he managed to grab that much on his way out the door. A pension on top of that is outrageous.

Call and tell us what you think.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.
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