LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Calls for help are released after a shooting at Fern Creek High School. The scene over a week ago on the high school campus was a frantic one. Before students were evacuated out of the building on September 30th, you could hear chaos and fear through the phone.

“My son just called me and said there's a shooter in the building.”

“I just got a message from my son saying that someone on the third floor is shooting a gun.”

“She said they're shooting, she's crying. I heard all the kids are hysterical.”

Those are some of the 911 calls from concerned parents the day a Fern Creek student was shot. Sophomore Javaughntay Burroughs was the victim. He was shot through the abdomen. Students present that day reached out to their parents.

“She said that they were shooting. She's crying. I could barely understand her. She said they're shooting, please come get me and you hear kids in the background, and she said they're hiding in the office,” said one parent.

Another parent describes the scene inside the building as her son had described it to her.

“There was chaos in the background when he called me. He said he's in a classroom and there's a teacher in the classroom and they have the door shut. He said nothing has come over the speaker yet, but that they absolutely heard the gunshot.”

One student even called 911 from inside the high school trying to figure out what was happening during the lock down.

“The police department, everybody is there on scene. You need to stay in there with all the staff and stay secure and stay with, is there staff with you to?” - dispatcher

“Yes sir.” - caller

“You just need to do what the staff tells you to do, ok?” - dispatcher

Despite the large crime scene, LMPD called the shooting an isolated innocent. Hours later the victim was reunited with his parents.

According to LMPD, the shooter left the building immediately after the shooting. The suspect was in custody about three hours after the high school was placed on lock down.

The shooter has not been identified because he is a juvenile, but he could be charged as an adult.

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