LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Plans to redevelop the Jeffersonville marina became a reality Monday night, after the project received final approval from the city council.

Although many see the marina as an eye sore, plans to replace it were met with plenty of resistance over the past year. Now, the very group that voiced concern helped it through the last step in the legal process.

The original plans for the redevelopment of Jeffersonville's marina called for around 60 rented boat slips, but after months of back-and-forth, plans were cemented for 15 free, daily-use spots.

With a unanimous yes vote from the Jeffersonville City Council, docks that are currently rotting and riddled with trash will finally be torn out and replaced with a whole new marina.

“This is just another vehicle for people to come in to see downtown Jeff, spend their money and see what we have to offer," city council member Bryan Glover said.

The plans call for 15 boat slips, and six spots for jet skis, as well as new landscaping, lighting, sidewalks and staircases.

It's something waterfront neighbors say they're looking forward to.

"I'll use it for my jet skis,” Riverside Drive resident Tom Pike said. “I'll come up and maybe have something to eat here instead of going to the creek on the other side."

The plans didn't come easy, as there were plenty of council members who have fought the rebuilding of the marina from the beginning.

"I think the issue was cost. I think the council saw the cost rising over time, and there was concerns over the costs escalating out of control," Glover added.

By reducing the project size, the mayor's office was able to get the price tag down to $3 million dollars, and win support of the council.

Mayor Mike Moore says the contractor is already in place, and demolition of the existing docks could start in as little as two weeks.

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