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Thousands of pieces of evidence sit in ISP Sellersburg Post property rooms

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SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- Preserving and cataloging evidence is a huge part of what law enforcement officials do and that means property rooms are full of evidence from cases, old and new.

At the Indiana State Police Sellersburg post, there are seven property rooms and around 12,000 pieces of evidence and it's so protected, they wouldn't even let us show you what's inside.

Behind the doors is evidence from thousands of cases currently being worked in the state of Indiana. It's like a library for items taken from crime scenes.

"A trooper takes evidence and we have what's called a property record and receipt. Anytime a trooper takes evidence or any type of property, they're to fill this out," said Sgt. Jerry Goodin of Indiana State Police.

Goodin says the items are organized by what's called a chain of custody.

"It tells exactly what they took from the scene. They have to sign for it stating the date and time they took it. Then it's brought to the Sellersburg post and handed directly to our evidence technicians," he explained.

Goodin says there are seven different property rooms for a reason.

"Some things have to be stored in paper, some have to be stored in plastic, some things have to be kept cool, some things have to be kept warm," he said.

Only three people have access to their evidence rooms.

Goodin says preserving and protecting evidence is something all law enforcement agencies take very seriously.

"W have troopers on duty here at the Sellersburg State Police 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There's always someone here that actually guards evidence," he said.

Goodin says preservation of evidence can make or break a case in the court of law.

"That's actually how some of our cold cases have been solved is because of the preservation of evidence," said Goodin.

The oldest item behind their doors is from a 1962 murder.

"Whenever that case is completely finished, then the evidence in that case can be purged. Otherwise, it has to be kept here," he said.

Sgt. Goodin also said they're always making room for new evidence.

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