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Spirits believed to inhabit historic Bardstown home

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BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) - Since being built in the 1820s, people have always admired a historic Bardstown home. 

"Wickland is very original to the period," said historian and caretaker Dixie Hibbs.

Because of the classic Georgian style, the classic spiral staircase, the tales of the three governors that have lived here.

"There was a lot of Kentucky history here," Hibbs said.

Since 2008, the interest in Wickland has come from something much different, the unknown.

"When I got into my late teens is when we started seeing people, dead people," said Katie Wilhite. She's a modern day medium. 

She, and her twin sister have and continue to connect with the people who called Wickland home.

"If they're there, there's a reason that they're there, and they're not going to leave until they tell you what's bothering them," Wilhite says.

That includes the first owner, Charles Wickliffe and his family, but more often his servants. Antoine, who did yard work, and Waleta, the cook-- both of whom died from TB.

Wilhite says other spirits also make their way inside. "Somebody in your family could come through. "We put her skills to the test, using dowsing rods.

"The spirits are pulling your energy to move the rods," Wilhite explained. 

If they cross, the spirit is saying "yes." If they go the opposite way, it means "no."

WDRB tried it out in one of the most haunted rooms at the home, the basement. We asked some fun questions including-- "Will U of L will win the national championship?" The answer was no.

We also asked some not so fun questions like "did Antoine, the yard worker, suffer a painful death?" The rods crossed in response to our question. "But he's happy now, that's what he wants to be made clear," Wilhite said.

If you're a skeptic, the people at Wickland say the proof of spirits inhabiting the house has been photographed. Orbs or spirits are allegedly seen all over the library, in one picture.

Whether you believe or not, people who spend time at Wickland say it will make you wonder.

"It's entertaining, it's thought provoking. I cannot give you all the answers. I'd like to because they're still out there and we're still learning them," Hibbs said.

Anyone who wants to see tour the house can call and make a reservation at (502)507-0808.

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