LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- LMPD unveiled its new high-tech tool to fight crime Tuesday and the city believes it'll help solve crimes faster.

"We are really really excited about what you see before you here today," Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad said as the city unveiled LMPD's new Real Time Crime Center.

It includes 16 screens showing 82 cameras. Each one is strategically placed throughout the city in public places.

"This is not looking into someone's backyard, this is not looking into someone's window, the examples behind me are of us looking at Waterfront park," Conrad explained.

He said its one of the positive outcomes of the night teen mob violence happened downtown in March.

"There was an outcry in the community in many different ways after that, where are the police, where are the parents, can't we do better, where are the cameras," Mayor Greg Fischer said of the aftermath.

Officials say the new technology has already helped.

"One instance that they did notice on a camera was the location of a stolen vehicle," Real Time Crime Center Director Jennifer Corum said. "That vehicle was recovered and an arrest was made in that case."

LMPD calls it "tactical intelligence." Eight analysts won't just be watching the cameras, they'll also have access to every database available to the department, giving real time help to police on the streets.

"Just give these people the name of the victim, where the shooting occurred and they're going to start developing possible suspects," Chief Conrad said. "People who might be involved in retaliation, people that might know possible suspects that would give officers leads on places to go look."

The surveillance video is recorded and held for 30 days, in case police want to go back and look at anything.

"This is the way law enforcement is supposed to work," Chief Conrad said of the new center with 82 cameras watching over the city.

The crime center will be fully operational 24-7, starting Sunday.

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