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Metro Police run prostitution sting in Old Louisville

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Having a quick lunch is not against the law, but Metro Police are after some men looking for something other than a mid-day meal.

WDRB News was in Old Louisville for two days as police ran a prostitution sting.

Maybe the best way to a man's heart is no longer through his stomach. 

"Instead of spending their time at Wendy's or somewhere else, they're obviously motivated by other factors and seek prostitutes on their lunch break," said Sgt. Vic Szydlowski with LMPD's 4th Division.

This week, Metro Police cited or arrested several men who spent their lunch breaks looking for prostitutes.

"It's a problem that we have," Lt. Josh Judah explained. "Unfortunately, people use the lunchtime hours to frequent places of prostitution."

During the sting, police used a decoy to catch so called "Johns" trying to make a deal.

"By the time lunch time had wrapped up, we had three citations and several that were near misses," Lt. Judah said.

And then, all of a sudden, things changed. Police moved in to stop another suspected "John." But instead, he made a run for it.

After less than a minute, police backed off and didn't pursue the suspect.

Sgt. Szydlowski explained it's about public safety. 

"For safety and the safety of everybody else - given the time of day, school, kids outside."

But the suspect didn't get far. After crashing his car at 3rd and Florence, police say he is now facing more than just prostitution charges.

"That was the initial reason for the stop is the solicitation of our undercover," Szydlowki said.

While negotiating with the decoy, police say something inside the car sent up red flags.

"And she observed the plastic bag," Szydlowski said. "She is a trained law enforcement and has seen numerous baggies and observed this in the center console."

Police say the suspect, Danny Williams, who was placed in handcuffs on the ground. He put his head between his legs to hide from our cameras, but we were still rolling when he appeared in court Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, back in Old Louisville, things got a little crowded when one of the real working girls shows up for work and hops into a red car.

"They drive around to an abandoned house at the end of the street and park for a brief period," Szydlowski said.

Police feel confident the "act" is committed but by the time a marked car arrives it is too late.

"Unfortunately we didn't have enough cars to go get that one at the same time this was occurring," Szydlowski said. "So they're gone."

Officers stayed with the decoy and it paid off.

"He was going to bring her up here to facilitate the deal," Szydlowski said.

Police eventually arrest Derrick Small. They say he is a well-known former pimp, and that's why it took awhile for him to take the bait.

"He followed her quite a few blocks actually here, obviously to build rapport with her to feel comfortable with her to know that she wasn't who he thought she was," Szydlowski said.

Metro Councilman David James provided money for the overtime used in this prostitution detail after receiving complaints from people who live in his district.

"Well, I've received a lot of complaints from the citizens and my constituents here in Old Louisville about prostitution taking place in front of their house, in front of the place where they do business," James said. "It's just something that you should not have to tolerate."

James says the goal is to send a message. 

"I want the Johns or the customers to know that if you come to Old Louisville to try to pick up a prostitute, there's a good chance it may be a police officer and you're going to go to jail for that. If we make it so that the Johns are scared to come into a particular area to try and purchase a prostitute, then we have also served our mission."

In two days, police made several made several arrests and wrote nearly a dozens citations.

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