JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- The Jeffersonville Fire Department has only had one ladder truck to respond to emergencies for more than five months. That all changed Friday night, when a brand new replacement went into service. 

Truck 45 got into an accident during a bad storm back in May. 

"It slid off the road and ended up in a small creek," said Jeffersonville Fire Chief Eric Hedrick. 

The truck was totaled. Hedrick says Jeffersonville had to lean on neighboring departments and rely on the only other ladder truck in the city. 

"That one ladder truck that we had is our senior ladder truck, which is 19-years-old. So it requires a lot of maintenance and it had a couple break downs," Hedrick said. 

During that time, a plan was in the works to get a new truck. Hedrick says the the city received about $250,000 in insurance money and the new truck cost roughly $853,000. City officials say the the difference was made up with taxpayer money, 

"We were able to get a truck that allows for expansion in Jeff. Jeff's changing everyday, the needs that are placed on our fire department are changing everyday, this truck meets those needs," said Jeffersonville city council members Bryan Glover. 

Hedrick says the new ladder is 107 feet tall instead of 75 feet like the old one. It will give firefighters access to to bigger buildings in the River Ridge area. 

"All the crews have went through some training, everyone's familiar with it," Hedrick said. "Now that we're back to two, can rest a little bit easier."

Hedrick tells WDRB News he hopes to have the other ladder truck replaced by 2016. 

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