CARROLL COUNTY, Ky (WDRB) -- The day after he was indicted by a grand jury, the Carroll County sheriff won re-election.

Sheriff Jamie Kinman was indicted on Monday on charges of tampering with evidence and official misconduct.

"I'm gonna get through this and make the Sheriff's Office the best we can for this community," Kinman told WDRB in an interview Wednesday.

Despite the indictment, Kinman was re-elected as Carroll County Sheriff on Tuesday.

"With the election, I'm glad people got out and spoke and voted and I'm glad for the loyal supporters that stood behind me through all this," said Kinman.

He wouldn't answer specific questions about the indictment. Kinman is accused of planting prescription drugs in a former deputy's car. That deputy later resigned.

"I think this boils down really to a disgruntled former employee," said Guthrie True, Kinman's attorney.

"The town is corrupted," said Carrollton resident Maggie Briley.

Briley is also a business owner.

"I don't think he should have been allowed to run whether he's guilty or innocent, the fact remains he was charged," she said.

Despite Briley's doubt, Kinman said he's been greatly supported.

"Growing up here, you know we're a small knit community. We trust in one another and with the support that I've had it's been great," said Kinman.

Kinman is set to be arraigned November 17th.

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