FLOYD COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- The Floyd County Clerk's office in Indiana is still getting complaints from voters, after yesterday's election.

"Ridiculous" is how Tim Gibson describes his voting experience on Tuesday.

He went in the morning but the lines were too long. The situation hadn't changed when he returned.

"One poll at 6:40 in the morning to vote, it was an hour and a half wait then so didn't have time to wait for that," Gibson said. "So I left work early to go went by library it was a two hour wait, so then finally went back to the Christian church in Georgetown."

He said voters were annoyed and some even left.

"A young couple in front of us that this was their first time they were excited to vote and because of the wait they just had to leave they didn't get to vote they were discouraged of course we tried telling them to come back next time it's usually not like this," Gibson said.

Gibson's wait ticket was stamped at 5:57, but he stood in line until 8:45.

"I'm diabetic so my wife had to bring me food so I didn't pass out there in the line, it was just wrapped around the gym," Gibson explained.

Floyd County Clerk Christy Eurton had at least two dozen email complaints by noon on Wednesday. Eurton says what happened Tuesday was out of her hands.

"I have an inbox folder that I keep all those complaints in and then when I go to the council I ask for something, like if I need more machines. That way I can take those with me to show them, this is the voters' voice," Eurton said.

Eurton says she asked the county for 20 machines, but only got 11. Five had technical problems and she says it's possible she'll ask for more locations in the future.

"You have to have a location that has wi-fi, they have to have storage available to keep these machines locked you also have to have parking," Eurton said.

Out of the 57,000 voters, 19,000 turned out. Gibson says if the turnout is the same next election, something needs to change.

"They either need to have more locations but really, they need more voting booths," Gibson said. "The location I ended up voting at had only four and three were the only ones that were working, one didn't work."

The clerk says the county election board will meet in a few days to discuss what happened and look for solutions.

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