LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB/AP) -- Kentucky Baptists have voted to sever ties with a Louisville church that is open to performing same-sex marriages.

Baptist leaders from around the state gathered Tuesday in Bowling Green for the Kentucky Baptist Convention's annual meeting. They voted overwhelmingly to end their longstanding relationship with Crescent Hill Baptist Church.

The church's pastor, the Rev. Jason Crosby, has said the church is open to performing same-sex marriages and ordaining gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual members. Crosby made a plea Tuesday to allow the church to remain a part of the convention. He said the decision came after much discussion and a process that lasted two months.

"We looked at what is sexual orientation and gender identity," Crosby said. "We took a vote in which we decided that we would fully welcome and affirm gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals in the life of this church."

Kentucky Baptist Convention Executive Director Paul Chitwood explained the organization's position on the matter in October.

"We're all sinners and we recognize that, but for a church to say 'we're going to endorse the sin, we're going to call what the Bible calls wrong, [and] call it right', that becomes the issue," Chitwood said.

Crosby said his congregation supports the new stance and believes that in years to come, the church will be on the right side of history.

"This is another barrier that I think God has revealed to us that it's time to bring down," said Crosby.

KBC President Chip Hutcheson also gave an update on Campbellsville University, which has moved to end its covenant agreement with Kentucky Baptists. Last month, the central Kentucky university appointed a board of trustees without the Baptist Convention's approval.

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