ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- At first glance, Boundary Oak Distillery in Hardin County may look a little old or vintage. But there's something very new happening there -- something that hasn't happened in Hardin County in over 100 years.

"In Kentucky, you're almost foolish not to make bourbon," Brent Goodin explained.

However, he's foolish no more. Goodin is the master distiller and owner at Boundary Oak Distillery, a re-purposed plant on the verge of renovation that has been producing moonshine while working to get its new bourbon ready to go.

"Everything will be made, produced, and bottled here at the distillery," he said.

Goodin's bourbon is set to be unveiled tomorrow at the Stone Hearth Restaurant in Elizabethtown, to the delight of local drinkers and restaurant owners.

"It's time for E-town to jump on the bandwagon and bring it into our community," said Stone Hearth's owner, Judy Logsdon.

Making it is a much smaller production compared to other stops on the bourbon trail, like Jim Beam or Maker's Mark.

"We want to show them some smaller, stilled versions," Goodin said.

That doesn't mean Boundary doesn't want to be a part of the trail. The 600,000-plus tourists would be a good thing for the entire county. They'll have to work out the kinks first, though. Right now, it's still illegal to pour samples at their Hardin County distillery.

"We would love, by this time next year, to have some of the laws changed," said Goodin.

In the meantime, Boundary Oak will have to serve, sell, and get the Bluegrass' newest bourbon off the ground elsewhere: something they plan on doing one bottle at a time.

If you want to buy a bottle, you'll have to wait two to four years for the aging process to be completed.

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