CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (WDRB)  -- Police say they were thieves in the night and the two southern Indiana burglary suspects left their alleged victims shaken.

Police say the suspects burglarized at least three homes and in all of the cases the homeowners were inside sleeping.

Jan Blythe and Minh Nguyen-Tran headed to court on Monday afternoon facing burglary and fleeing charges.

Police say earlier this month, the couple burglarized at three homes in The Eagle Trail and Stone Bridge subdivisions in Charlestown.

"It was just quick stuff; I believe they were looking for cash or something they could turn over pretty quickly," said Det. Rachael Lee, with The Clark County Sheriff's Office.

Prosecutors say these were not your typical burglaries.  That's because the homeowners were inside.

"Homeowners are at home asleep and there's someone going through their things and that one of the most dangerous situations I can imagine as a prosecutor," said Jeremy Mull, Prosecutor.

In court, Nguyen-Tran cried openly when bond was set and Blythe even made a private statement to Det. Lee.

"That he wanted to make his life right, for his kids," said Det. Lee. "I asked him if he wanted to talk to me and make a different statement and he said no he did not."

But none of that helped when the case was called.

"It is not unusual at all for me to see defendants cry in court when they learn that they are going to go in jail and be in jail for their crimes, my policy on residential burglaries is to ask for high cash bonds in those cases," said Mull.

A judge entered a not guilty plea for both suspects and set bond at $25,000 cash.

Police say there could be other victims who don't even realized their homes were burglarized, because the suspects stuck to small items.

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